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Silent Tragedy

I feel that I complain too much about the TV shows I am working on. So this will be a funny, positive post. I was working on the trailer for this show that takes place in a nearby neighborhood. A teary young male tells his (prospective?) girl friend: My dog was hit by a car. He never heard it coming. It was a Tesla. There sure are enough Teslas on the road. Rereading this, I am not so...

Parse that!

Another head-scratcher. Yesterday’s Los Angeles Times had this headline: Man in U.S. illegally accused of fatally attacking woman with hammer. So are they going after the people who illegally accused him?  

Zymöl aus Bischofs

I was waiting for my car to be washed the other day at the Westchester Hand Wash, watching the big planes come in on the adjacent North runway of LAX, when my eye caught the letter Ö on the little laminated cardboard sheet they give you to retrieve your car. Wow, I thought, Zymöl, not only does it combine a “Z” and a “Y” but it also seems to play on the...

Funny Subject Line

Many on-line businesses send out messages to keep you informed about the progress of your order or the time and date of shipping your goods. Such messages are, of course, computer generated and they often look that way – poorly laid out in dull prose. Some businesses try to distinguish themselves by dressing them up. The printing company MOO, for example, creates its messages in the...


A cautionary tale: Click image to enlarge  

Is 100 the new 60?

What does it mean when my insurance company tells me that, according to their records for my life insurance contract, it is my plan to pay the monthly premium until the insured reaches age 100, and that the policy is projected to remain in force, or active, until the insured reaches age 120? I’m not knowledgeable about insurance. Does it mean that 100 is the new 60? Or do...

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