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Travel Report

I returned to Southern California via the Bradley International Terminal at LAX, a particularly sophisticated form of purgatory. Luggage retrieval and customs processing must have been designed with the objective to inflict as much discomfort and waiting time on arriving passengers as possible. I am sure that all officials working there had to undergo special training that allows them to suppress any human emotion and to exude so much subliminal (and not so subliminal) threat that conversations stop mid-sentence. Why anyone thinks that this is an effective or desirable way to introduce arriving passengers to the United States is way beyond me.

My trip to Germany was, weather aside, useful and enjoyable. I met with a number of clients and with people who serve as information resources throughout the year. I spent some time looking at new reference materials and, generally, recharged my language batteries. Here some highlights:

  • Best rediscovered dialect expressions: dabba (quickly) and Scheesewänsche (pram).
  • Best beer: Bruch’s Märzenbier. Bruch, founded in 1702, is the last independent brewery in Saarbrücken.
  • Best meal: Bratkartoffeln and Lyoner (hasn’t changed from 2005).
  • Best place to eat it: Restaurant Zum Stiefel (has changed from 2005).
  • Best cake: Cherry crumb cake at Café Schubert.
  • Cutest airline: Luxair. No matter how small the plane, they always have a “business class,” same kind of seats but separated by a tiny curtain, and at least two flight attendants. And even on my 40-minute hop to Munich they served food (which was not too shabby) and drinks.

2 Responses to “Travel Report”

  1. Oh man, I miss Fleischwurst im Ring!

  2. Michael says:

    Well, we call it “Lyoner,” and the city of Saarbrücken even went so far as to name a new street near one of the largest manufacturers of this delicacy “Lyonerring.”

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