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… to Wendy Holdenson on her new position as Consul-General and Trade Commissioner at the Australian Consulate-General in Fukuoka. Wendy and I used to work together in Tokyo for several years during her time at Canon and we continued to stay in touch after her return to Australia. At Canon, Wendy was the editor for the bimonthly English in-house Canon Chronicle. Our company provided translation, typesetting, and layout services for additional four European languages, which later were supplemented by Chinese as a fifth language.


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  1. Moslim Othman says:

    Hi, I lost contact with one nice Ms Wendy Elizabeth Holdenson when I was a student staying at the International House, University of Melbourne way back in 1974. I am a Malaysian and she called me by the name Mac. Her parents lived in Geelong then and during the 1974 Easter break (wow! that is 35 years ago and it is easter break now!) she invited me to her auntie’s house in Penola, somewhere near the border of Victoria/South Australia. I suspected she left Melbourne without any news for her beloved Japan not long after that.
    Her hair was more than shoulder length then. In fact, I have difficulty in trying to recognize her with the short hair in the Fukuoka Now Magazine link provided by you!
    If you are in contact with her, could you please ask her whether I am referring to the correct Wendy. If she is, I would indeed be very please if she can contact me using the email address I gave in this response.

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