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Language Assistance Telemedicine, a Houston company, provides interpreters (and not “translators,” as Channel 13 News of Topeka, KS, reports it) with medical backgrounds and, what’s unique, a real-time link through which they can both hear and see the patients. Interpreters for 50 languages, including sign language, are available in seconds, anywhere there is Internet access and a phone line.


2 Responses to “Teleinterpreting”

  1. ana figueroa says:

    I am a Spanish Interpreter seeking work as a Telephonic interpreter. I worked for the Los Angeles Superior court as a certified court interpreter for fourteen years and with AT&T Language Line Services for approximately ten years. Could you please direct me to the Department or person that I should contact for about this?


    Ana Figueroa

  2. Michael says:


    Your best bet would be to contact some of the interpreter organizations that exist around the country. I don’t know where you are located, but and all its various links would be a good place to start. Good luck!

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