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“… Intoxication Of The Senses”?

Dillard’s had a big ad in today’s paper. With Valentine’s Day approaching, they are pushing make-up and perfume. One of the products was “a new fantasy in fragrance” named “Estée Lauder beyond paradíse.” The first line of the copy made me stop right there: “A fascinating blend of tropical wetness, zesty freshness and bursting floracy.”

I don’t know about their copywriter, but to me, from years in Southeast Asia, “tropical wetness” can only mean sweat. And that is pretty much the last thing I would buy in a bottle for my partner (or myself). Kind of the exact opposite of “zesty freshness.”

And what on earth is “floracy” other than a Game Boy game by Kritzelkratz (I am not making this up) and a female first name?


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