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Among The Top 100

While living in Charlottesville, we always made fun of the UVa Hospital displaying a huge banner that said something like “Among the top 100 U.S. hospitals.” Our standard joke was that they were probably number 99.

This morning, after starting up my computer, I noticed that there was a lot of “chatter” about the Top 100 Language Blogs 2009. I checked it out, and how could I have missed it? Grammar Girl is there, and Languagehat, Wishydig, and many others you can find in my blogroll. It was great to see so many familiar blogs. Congratulations to all! When I started in 2003, there was only a very small number of language bloggers. What an evolution.

Oh yes, and then there is this here blog at number 89! How did that happen? Well, nevermind how it happened, thank you all. I’m speechless. And UVa Hospital: I take it all back.


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  1. Judy Jenner says:

    Congrats, dear Michael, very well deserved!

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