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GLD Website Makeover

▲ GLD Website 1998

▲ GLD Website 2003

▲ GLD Website 2009

During the 2003 ATA conference in Phoenix I rolled out a new structure and layout for the website of the German Language Division, a make-over of the initial, 1998 website. It remained more or less unchanged until now.

Six years, however, is an eternity in Internet time, and the site started to show its age. It was attracting a constant (albeit small) stream of visitors, but it very much was a child of 2003. When I looked into possible improvements, I realized we needed more engaging and up-to-date content; we needed to acknowledge that most computer users these days have larger screens than six years ago; and we needed to get up to speed with the tools of the trade such as content management systems, blogs, etc.

So meet the new, 2009 model of the German Language Division website. It just went live and is based on WordPress, which allows updates through the division administration at any time. The new site also offers RSS feeds for subscription.


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  1. Looks great – very nice job!

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