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WiFi Diaspora

It is very pleasant here in Burleigh Heads on the Queensland coast. The weather is balmy, the view of the ocean and the sandy beach spectacular. I do not even have to remind myself that this is not work – the very limited availability of WiFi access does it for me. Let me correct: There are hotspots around, not that many, but the payment schemes (typically something like $2 to $5 for 10 minutes) and caps on transmitted data make the complaints ATA members had about the $16 a day charges at the New York conference hotel pale by comparison. And while coming to Australia with U.S. dollars had me end up on the right side of the exchange rate once upon a time and I would have shrugged off such charges, this is no longer the case. So this will probably remain the only blog post from down under. Have a very happy New Year!


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  1. Judy Jenner says:

    Good for you! Sometimes it is wonderful to be completely incomunicado, isn’t it? It might not be entirely be choice, but it works, so enjoy the sights. That sure sounds like a fantastic Christmas/holiday trip for you, wow! Makes my one-day skiing plans in Utah pale by comparison. $5 for 10 minutes – yikes! You are right, that makes the Marriott Marquis look like a complete bargain…


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