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Correcting Google

Behind our house is an alley for access to our garage and for our garbage cans. It runs South from 11th Street but does not connect to 10th Street. It ends at our garage. On Google Maps, this alley connects 11th and 10th Street and is named E 12 St. A couple of weeks back, I used the “Report a Problem” link on Google Maps to make the company aware of the mistake. I thought it would be the last I heard of it. Wrong. Today I received this message:

Your Google Maps problem report has been reviewed, and you were right! We’ll update the map soon and email you when you can see the change.

How cool is that?!


One Response to “Correcting Google”

  1. Judy Jenner says:

    That is very impressive. I had no idea they were that responsive. I already love all things Google, and now I love them even more. Now, let me tell you about the one time where they displayed a Vegas address in El Salvador on the page of a major travel website…that got fixed, too, actually. Keep it up, Google!

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