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I just made my way out from under tons of software strings. I don’t like translating strings. Mostly they come before the documentation is finished so it is not possible to observe them in their natural habitat; many times it is unclear if they are noun or verb; and then the adjectives… what do they modify? Is “None” to be translated as “Keine,” “Keines,” or “Keiner”? There ought to be a law that software strings are not to be translated until after all other documentation is finished.

It is always comforting to know that one is not alone with one’s problems. “Learning software internationalization the hard way,” over at Enigmatic Mermaid, is a reflection on the adjective problem: “Please don’t use adjectives without nouns as submenus or values in tables, because when you translate them into a language that is flexed according to number and gender, all hell breaks loose.”


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