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The End of an Era

A sad moment. I had grown fond of my Lexmark Optra R+ over the years. It was a good worker and did a great job interpreting PostScript files. A bit short on memory, though. When I bought it around eight years ago it came equipped with 2 MBytes, not nearly enough even then. I upgraded the memory to 8 MBytes for more than it would cost today to get a color laser printer. But that was then. I will miss its warm-up cycle that sounded like a jet engine starting, and the enormously expensive toner cartridges. For a short while I tried to use recycled cartridges, but they didn’t deliver at 1200dpi resolution.

The Optra R+ broke down last Thursday. It wasn’t the first time, but this time the repair would have cost a lot more than a new printer. So we had to part. (*Sniffle*)


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