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East or West?

I watched Buffalo Soldiers last night. According to various magazine articles, the release of this 2001 Gregor Jordan movie had been postponed until 2003 due to the events of 9/11. Naturally I was curious to see what in the movie would have caused this postponement. After watching the film I can honestly say that I have no idea.

For me, this was the highlight: Various American soldiers are hanging around inside an old warehouse-like building on a base near Stuttgart. On TV those famous 1989 scenes of people scaling the Berlin wall are playing (sans David Hasselhoff). Among the soldiers, the following dialog ensues…

– Where is the Berlin wall anyway?
– In Berlin, you dumbfuck.
– Yeah, I know it’s in Berlin. What country is it in?
– In Germany, man, in Germany.
– West Germany.
– West Germany?
– Which one are we in, man? Are we in West Germany or in East Germany?
– We are in East.
– No we’re in West Germany, you idiot.
– Well, what’s the difference?
– Fuck if I know, man.

There is not much left to say.


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