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Ammunition Essentials

Turkey season is about to open. Living in rural Boone county, I enjoy observing the still plentiful wildlife. It would never occur to me to kill it; but I am in the minority here. According to the local paper, it is “time to organize supplies to help bring home the bird.” Here some of the essentials that I learned:

Major ammunition manufacturers market expensive turkey loads. A better choice would be a box of copper-clad No. 6 or No. 4, high-brass shotgun shells. If your shotgun will accommodate a 3-inch shell, purchase the longer, heavier load. I prefer copper-clad shot to the traditional shot because it penetrates better and provides cleaner kills.

Who would have known? I will file it away with all the other reams of trivia that translators accumulate, sit out on the deck and watch the gobblers do their thing.


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