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Viennese Blend

One of the focal points of social life in Charlottesville, Virginia, is Greenberry’s at the Barracks Road shopping center. Here you sip your coffee or tea, eat chocolate croissants for breakfast, run into Dave Matthews or John Grisham, and catch up reading the newspapers — but maybe nostalgia makes it look rosier than it really was.

One thing, however, I can attest to without any reservations is the quality of their coffee. I always have been partial to their Viennese Blend, and when M. had to go to C-ville last week for a day, she brought back two pounds of genuine Greenberry’s Viennese Blend. It doesn’t get better this.

Talking of Greenberry’s: I just found it mentioned on pags 277 and 357 in the David Baldacci novel Split Second which takes place in what seems to be (an unnamed) Nelson County.


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