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It is fitting that this should be post #700 of my blog.

Even in my fourth year in Southern California I cannot get over how great the weather is. Here we are on the day of the Winter solstice – the skies are blue; the camellias are blooming; the mandarins are almost ripe; and the deciduous trees look like early Fall in other parts of the country. So for the fourth year running, I’ve designed a Christmas card with the image of palm trees.

Happy Holidays to all readers, but especially to those who call 2012 their year – the Year of the Dragon.

Our daughter cannot come home for the holidays. As an EMT with the FDNY, she has to work. So M. and I will take the week off and head for some remote location in the South Pacific. See you next year!


3 Responses to “Year-End”

  1. OK, I might just have to come to SoCal and strangle you 🙂 I mean, happy holidays! Here in CO we have cold and gloom and not enough snow to ski; I’m a perpetual optimist but this is like the worst of winter rolled into one! But have an awesome time on your vacation; sounds incredible! Don’t think about work at all!

    • Michael says:

      Thank you. I hear they only have cell phone service and that roaming is outrageous. So I won’t turn on my cell phone and I won’t have a computer with me. On the main island they have electricity around the clock. On the others it is supposedly hit and miss.

  2. Jill says:

    Jealous! Enjoy your holiday in the South Pacific. You deserve it!

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