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Continuing Illiteracy Trend

The new figures are out, and they confirm what I wrote last December 13:

I’m shocked at the speed with which Web surfers seem to have become Internet-illiterate. It will be interesting to see the numbers at the end of this year.

Experian Hitwise has published its 2011 hit parade (no pun intended) of Internet search terms. The term “facebook” is leading the pack, just as in 2010. “facebook login” slipped down one notch and made room for “youtube.” Both, “” and “” moved up, and new to the top 10 is “”

I have explained in my December 13 blog post why I think this development is so alarming.


3 Responses to “Continuing Illiteracy Trend”

  1. Actually, I consider myself pretty savvy, Internet-wise, yet I’ve almost completely stopped using bookmarks. I find it actually is easier to type (for example) “onterm” in the search field rather than rummage through my bookmarks to find the right one. As for my most-used sites, well, they automatically open in a bunch of tabs when I open the browser.

    And I commend Google for conflating the search field and address field in Chrome. Search is the new DNS!

  2. Carolyn Y. says:

    I agree, looking at this list you linked to is pretty sad… People can type “facebook” into a search engine but not “” into their browsers? Weird! To play devil’s advocate, though, most browser bars are linked to a search engine; perhaps this skews Experian’s results somehow?

  3. Michael says:

    One day, we may access all Internet resources via Google, Facebook, or Twitter (or some not yet existing portal), though I hope it will take a while. It is obvious that in many instances the functionalities of proprietary services are easier to use, cooler, and smoother than the non-proprietary ones. But I see the Internet as a free resource. Access should not be biased and weighted. The user should be the arbiter. Since software development mostly follows users, there is a real danger that the days of the free Internet are numbered. As I said in my December 13 post: “free as in free speech, not as in free beer.”

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