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Kurt with a “K”

Stewart Carter in a 1999 review of Sirens of Titan on the British infinity plus website wrote:

Surely everybody – even the non-sf reading literati who sail the skies of big national newspaper reviews high above – knows Kurt Vonnegut?

Brilliant pseudo-sf novels, bleakly comic, often despairing of mankind? Ring any bells? No? Oh, come on. Slaughterhouse 5, Cats Cradle, Mother Night… I studied Vonnegut on a serious Literature degree, for heaven’s sake, that’s how famous he is!

(And let me add, Kurt Vonnegut is an American writer.) Why I am quoting this is that I went to Barnes and Noble today. I wanted to buy A Man Without a Country for M. since she has been a Vonnegut fan since way back when. I couldn’t find it, so I asked the young woman at the customer service desk. “Is that Kurt with a ‘C’?” she wanted to know. “How do you spell the last name?” I was too polite to ask why she worked in a bookstore.

You’d never guess which section the book was in. Current Affairs!?

[PS: Watch Kurt Vonnegut’s talk with Jon Stewart here.]


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