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Acronyms & Dickens

The acronym question/discussion moved over to Transblawg: acronyms v. backronyms, is it an acronym if you cannot pronounce it, and is SQL really pronounced “sequel”? I contributed the last one, and first I thought it was just in Missouri, or just the geeks I talk to, or just the Missouri geeks. Then I found the historic explanation and perhaps it is generational. When I told M. over dinner, she contributed another interesting one: “No Child Left Behind” is abbreviated NCLB, which, in educational circles, is pronounced “Nickleby.” An abbreviation or an acronym?


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  1. MM says:

    There are quite a few wrinkles to this, I gather. Crystal mentions some joke abbreviations I used to tell my students: KCMG, one of the honours given by the Queen, is the Knights’ Cross of St. Michael and St. George (or something like that), but is popularly known as Kindly Call Me God. And the Grand Cross…: GCMG – God Calls Me God. Or TGIF.
    Of course, those aren’t acronyms.
    Acronyms never have periods/full stops, whereas initialisms sometimes do.
    Either an acronym or not: UFO
    Mixture: CD-ROM
    Some can take affixes: ex-JP, pro-BBC, ICBMs
    Some used only in writing: Mr., St.

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