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More Power

This is not a gadget but a new resource. My main computer just turned 5. Mind you, only the housing and the motherboard are 5 years old, everything else has been replaced and upgraded at least once. But instead of throwing money at an old computer I decided to have Jakub Sarnecki build me a new one.

I wanted to be able to multi-task (as much as this is possible with Windows), not run into memory bottle necks, and have reasonably good video and lots and lots of hard drive space. To top it off, I did not want to be forced to back up all the time and I wanted the housing to be cooled as efficiently as possible.

Here are the specs of the new (black) box: A D945GNT motherboard with a 3.0 GHz dual-core Pentium 4 processor; 2 MB GB RAM; 2 × 300 GB hard drives with a Promise RAID controller; ATI RADEON X300 video card.

It is a joy now to see Trados chew speedily through megabytes of Word documents even when TMs are gigantic. And I can upload, download or copy for long stretches of time while working in a different application and not being slowed down at all.

And best of all: Having a computer built to one’s exact specifications is quite a bit cheaper than buying one off the rack – no paying for unwanted features either.


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  1. ernest says:

    More likely 2GB than 2 MB. A gigabyte is a billion bytes, defined as 1024 cubed.

    By the way, many dictionaries instruct us to pronounce gigabyte with a soft initial “G”, like giant.

    But nobody does this. Because of the racial overtones?

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