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County of Albemarle

I met a lot of people during the years I lived in Charlottesville that I would not have met, for example, in mid-Missouri. Albemarle County seemed to attract a lot of well-known (and to the detriment of the cost of living well-off) people. Being a supporting parent at my daughter’s school for many years, I met more of them than I would have otherwise. In the early years I was introduced to people I never even had heard of (“Dave, this is Michael. – Michael, meet Dave.”) – coming from the Pacific Northwest in early ’94, how was I supposed to know the local musical heroes.

Another group were the Australian expats. UVa had a large number of Australian researchers in the natural sciences, and Ian Henry of Crozet got them all together once a year for an Australia Day celebration. I am Australian by marriage only, but that doesn’t stop me from celebrating. In fact, during my years in Tokyo we regularly got together to celebrate Melbourne Cup Day, and there were not that many Australians among us.

But back to Australia Day in Albemarle. One of the participants and one year gracious host in his Earlysville home was none other than Barry Marshall who today won the Nobel Prize, together with his colleague Robin Warren, for the discovery of Helicobacter pylori as the most common cause of ulcers. While in Charlottesville, he worked on developing a breath test to determine the presence of H. pylori. Congratulations, Barry!


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