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Saarland leading in Germany

My home state is making (again) history: The first German Hooters restaurant opened in Neunkirchen. The food industry newsletter café says that Hooters “…ist vor allem durch seine leicht bekleideten Serviererinnen in knallengen Hot Pants berühmt.” It explains the derivation of the name: “Einmal pro Stunde sorgen die insgesamt 35 Hooters Girls mit Showeinlagen für die entsprechende Stimmung (to hoot = johlen).”

Really? Take a look at their website. I somehow doubt that the attraction of the restaurant is “Johlen” and “knallenge Hot Pants.” But you never know.


2 Responses to “Saarland leading in Germany”

  1. neil says:

    Really? It’s from “to hoot = johlen”, and there I was thinking all along that it was because “hooters” was slang for “breasts”. Silly me.

  2. Michael says:

    Looks like they just copied the press release. But what a Kulturereignis. Makes me proud to be a Saarländer, even on the shores of the Missouri.

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