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Beat the High Cost of Heating

The cold season is approaching fast, and this year’s huge increase in the price of natural gas and heating oil makes it all of a sudden much more attractive to put into practice what I learned in Japan: don’t heat the space you’re in, heat the body parts that are cold.

Working on the computer all day, I need my hands to be warm. What better way to do this than to plug heated gloves into the USB port? USBあったか手袋. It’s that simple. For only ¥2,980 I can have warm hands as long as my computer is running. And if only one hand gets cold, the attaka tebukuro is available as a single glove as well, left or right.

Check it out at the Rare Mono Shop – along with other weird and wonderful gadgets.


One Response to “Beat the High Cost of Heating”

  1. Sonja says:

    This is something for me. My right (mouse) hand usually gets colder than the left one. 😉

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