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Amusing Oddballs

Go Translators, an Internet portal that dubs itself “The only Translators Directory in 30 Languages,” has been a steady visitor to my e-mail inbox for a long while. I kind of doubt that such free-floating databases have any value for freelance translators. Even the ATA directory and ATA-related directories lead to very few referrals – but the reason for that may be that my name starts with a “W” and potential clients don’t get there until Friday late afternoon, and only if A through V is busy.

Today, Go Translators let me know that they had to clean house “faced with the mediocrity of a number of profiles that undermine our tool.” All in all, so they told me, they deleted over 14,000 files:

  • all empty CVs
  • all the CVs of more or less amusing oddballs
  • all CVs in which the language level would prevent one from believing that they could be the work of quality linguists
  • all the CVs in which the email address was no longer valid.

I would have been interested in reading some of the oddball résumés, especially the amusing ones.


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