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Worst Tech Products

PC World published a list of the Worst Tech Products of All Times. I could think of a few myself, and one of them was actually among the top 5. But you may be surprised (or not) about the number 1 worst tech product: AOL.

Since America Online emerged from the belly of a BBS called Quantum “PC-Link” in 1989, users have suffered through awful software, inaccessible dial-up numbers, rapacious marketing, in-your-face advertising, questionable billing practices, inexcusably poor customer service, and enough spam to last a lifetime. And all the while, AOL remained more expensive than its major competitors.


One Response to “Worst Tech Products”

  1. lee brewer says:

    I vote for NWE-507 MP3 player from Sony to be the worst. It hass terrible, slow-SLOW software and does not take but selected wma files – what a waste

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