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Resources I Found

Here a few resources I found on the Web over the last weeks:

DROW Wissensdatenbank Werbung und Marketing. A German glossary of advertising and marketing terminology. It is helpful to me as a translator who does not live in Germany to gauge just how saturated with English terminology advertising and marketing speak has become. But: “Leporello” is defined as “das Prospekt”? Perhaps this usage is what Duden calls “landschaftlich.” After all, in Saarbrücken we call it “der Butter.”

Lexikon der Suchmaschinenoptimierung. SEO is a subject that appears more and more in translations of marketing material and it is difficult for translators to make the call where to translate a term into German and where simply to use the English. Websites such as this one help me to make this decision. For questions not answered in this glossary, users are referred to the Internet und e-Commerce Lexikon (notice the absence of the, strictly speaking, mandatory hyphens) at


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  1. Adina says:

    Hi Michael,

    How about checking our own set of translation resources on
    You’ll find a number of articles on translation and language, our own blogs, a career guide for translators, free translation tools and more!
    Hope you’ll find it useful.


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