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Language Technology Division

We are currently trying to get a new ATA division off the ground: the Language Technology Division.

The Language Technology Division [being established] will offer ATA members a community of language professionals, terminologists, and localizers making use of computer-based technologies in their daily work. So in brief, the division will not focus on languages (that is what we have the Language divisions for) but on the use of standards, terminology work, tools and techniques.

Check out their website. If you are an active or corresponding member of the American Translators Association, please fill out and sign the petition for the establishment of the LTD and mail it or fax it back to ATA headquarters before July 31, 2006.


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  1. George Shem says:

    Does anyone know the meaning of “Targilem?” I think it’s from a semitic language. I have not been able to find it in an online dictionary. Have tried russian, turkish, arabic, hebrew, farsi.

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