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Cute Attack

As long as Hello Kitty is confined to lunch boxes and scrap book covers, there is a certain order to the universe. Once it shows up on a customized Fender Stratocaster, which then in turn sells for a whopping 252万円, I feel we are under a very serious cute attack. Take cover!


2 Responses to “Cute Attack”

  1. Michael says:

    It’s worse than I thought: Stumbled onto whith artists like Lisa Loeb, Kim Shattuck, Jane Wiedlin, and Raining Jane. Jane Wiedlin even plays a pink Hello Kitty Fender!

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  1. Looking Into Your Eyes… | Translate This! - [...] contacts. This oh so annoying cartoon character isn’t limited to lunch boxes and sweat shirts (or Fender Stratocasters) anymore.…

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