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Civics Flash Cards

For those preparing for their citizenship test, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services have Civics Flash Cards on their website.

Among the questions you’d suspect to be there (“How many stars has the flag?”), question #75 (or rather its answer) struck a chord: “Whose rights are guaranteed by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights?” The answer is: “All people living in the United States.” Are you listening senators Alexander through Warner?

As Garrison Keillor put it:

The U.S. Senate … has decided an “enemy combatant” is any non-citizen who the president says is an enemy combatant, including your Korean greengrocer or your Swedish grandmother or your Czech au-pair, and can be arrested and held for as long as authorities wish without any right of appeal to a court of law to examine the matter.

See: A bill to authorize trial by military commission for violations of the law of war, and for other purposes.


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  1. please can you send to me the civics flash cards because i need to learned about the history the united states because i want to be american citizenship thanks rosa

  2. Michael says:

    Rosa, you can find them here.


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