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East Is East…

Rudyard Kipling’s (1865–1936) ballad (“East is East, and West is West…”) is often quoted to suggest that something is or appears to be set in stone. The company responsible for the required evacuation signage in our condo building, Progressive Media Works, thought that this was too confining a world view.

Evacuation signs, by law, must indicate how the building is oriented. They are to be displayed at every exit on all floors. When I first saw the signs in our building, I was intrigued to note that the street grid in our neighborhood does not run in straight north-south and east-west directions. But then I noticed that on all signs in the building, west was indicated to the right of the north-south axis (and east to the left) – which would mean that the sun sets in the east.

This isn’t even just a question of proofreading. Who does not know where east and west are once north is fixed? I will bring it up at the next HOA meeting and probably be known thereafter as the pedantic old fart from the 4th floor. It’s my revenge for the HOA’s interference in our choice of window treatment colors.


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