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Meanwhile, in Los Angeles

One of the reasons that I put this blog on hold in June of 2012 was that the all-consuming task of purchasing a condominium in Los Angeles made it impossible to set aside the time necessary for blogging. When we started to visit properties up for sale in the city, we were still renting a house in Claremont on the easternmost edge of Los Angeles county. We had been trying for many years to find a place to buy in or around Claremont. Since it seemed to be impossible to find a property that would have justified the very high real-estate prices in the Claremont area, we decided at the end of 2011 that the time had come to move back into the city after 20 years of more or less rural living in the U.S. We wanted to be close to LAX so that traveling would be easier, and close to the ocean. We started to look in earnest in February of 2012 and submitted a number of offers on short-sale properties. Nothing panned out. In the end we found a great standard-sale place – though perhaps a little bit further north and east than we had hoped. We closed on August 28 and moved in on August 30. In all, it turned out to be an even better choice than we had originally thought. We are now “Westsiders,” whatever that means.

In July of 2012, M. started her one-year sabbatical. She left for Australia in October and I joined her for a long stretch, returning at the end of January. Starting in April, she will be working at two German universities until the end of July. I hope to have an opportunity to visit Germany as well.

Searching for a suitable property, negotiating (not one of my strong points) with lenders to secure the financing, organizing the travel to and time in Australia and Germany – it all made it impossible to devote any time to this blog. I hope this will change now.

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