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“Bier mit Heizung”

Thank you, Bettina, for your wishes. Three nights and three days of pain (breaking more and more frequently through the Demerol barrier), and the eagle has landed. I received plenty of advice from many people, but in the end, what helped was the good old German cure-all, taken for everything from toothaches to flu and bad haircuts: warm beer, or “Bier mit Heizung.”

I hope that the pain and kidney swelling will now go away, and I will take in the stone for analysis tomorrow. Remember when all else fails: Bier mit Heizung.


4 Responses to ““Bier mit Heizung””

  1. Bettina Winterfeld says:

    Glad to hear that, even if Bier mit Heizung does not sound very tempting. Still, have some more to rinse out the pain.

  2. céline says:

    I always suspected beer was good for absolutely everything. Good luck and hope you feel better soon.

  3. Michael says:

    When I was younger, it was not uncommon to see people with beer warmers (“Heizung”) in pubs. Can’t say I have seen them in recent years, but I don’t spend that much time in German pubs anymore, seeing that I live in mɪˈzʊɹə now. The warmer consists of a stainless steel tube, which holds warm water, and a stand. The tube has a handle so that you can hang the warmer into your beer. Once the amber is the right temperature, take out the tube, put it in the stand, and presto: warm beer.

  4. Neil says:

    Ah, now you know why we English feel healthy *all the time*…..

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