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It Never Rains…

Today, was acquired by CBS, a company who had the first commercial radio station in the US, ran a record label (CBS Records), and amongst other things are responsible for several respected TV series…

That’s today’s blog entry in the new LastFM blog. Simply shocking. I didn’t know CBS even knew that there was Internet radio!

“There is quite a sense of achievement at HQ today,” says co-founder Richard Jones. Well, I would feel the same if my bank balance had gone up the reported 320280 million dollars. But not all the listeners had the same reaction.

Seriously, how is a relatively small upstart going to run its affairs independently while being owned by CBS? And is $320$280 million not a bit paltry for a gigantic database of “scrobbled” music data fed in by the reported 2015 million unique users? With the recent antics of the Copyright Royalty Board in the U.S. and the unpredictable outcomes of DMCA-inspired lawsuits, why voluntarily affiliate oneself with a U.S. media company?

As one user said: “Sell-outs! And there was me thinking you were all rock’n’rollers out to screw ‘the man’.”


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