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Wanted In Washington

I got this call at 8:15 in the morning (do they know that MO is on Central Time?) from the office of Congressman Tom Cole. The woman told me my name had come up in Washington (which made me want to duck and cover) and that the congressman wanted me to be on his Business Advisory Council.

Ha! The smell of scam was overpowering. Too bad that political parties are exempt from the Do-Not-Call regulations. Tom Cole’s people seem to be busy callers as deal architect and Okiedoke can attest.

Addition: A bit more backgroundanother blog post.


2 Responses to “Wanted In Washington”

  1. thanks for linking. Unbelievably they left a vm again today – with a little more urgency about joining that advisory group.

    Guess they don’t read blogs -)

  2. Jack Mauer says:

    I got an unsolicited call from a woman saying the Tom Cole is inviting me to a NRCC Business Advisory dinner with George Bush. I am NOT republican, I do not now Tom Cole, I live in Montana, what the heck is she talking about???
    I wouldn’t be caught dead in the same room with George Bush, not unless he was being impeached!

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