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San Remo

I know this dates me, but it was such a rush of nostalgia to find this clip with Bobby Solo singing Una lacrima sul viso at the San Remo festival of 1964. Can you spot Françoise Hardy and Gigliola Cinquetti in the audience?



2 Responses to “San Remo”

  1. erik doorme says:

    This is not San Remo ! It’s the french TV-show “Age tendre et têtes de bois” from 13/05/64. The person at the right side of Gigliola is Albert Raisner, the animator of the show.

  2. Michael says:

    Thank you for the correction, Erik, and for reading my blog. Wow, you got this right down to the date. I have to confess that for many of my memories I can’t even pin down the year anymore, let alone the day. While we all listened to the radio stations (Europe 1 had a transmitter near my home and Luxembourg was just 80km away), we could not receive TV from neighboring countries.

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