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I wanted to share with you two small applications that make it easier to share.

Frequently I have to send or receive large file attachments – larger than what my mail sever is comfortable with. There are, of course, solutions such as ftp or services such as YouSendIt or SendThisFile. The ftp route is somewhat tricky, and the other side has to be able to negotiate the steps it takes to upload or download the files. That is not always a given. The Internet-based services can be slow and require file preparation and sending outside your mail client. If you want to do some other Web surfing while uploading, you run the risk of interrupting the file transmission. That means you can be locked out from using the Internet for quite a while.

Try Pando. Pando is installed on your computer and adds a button to your mail client as well as to your browser. You can set a threshold, and any attachment over that threshold size is sent via Pando rather then via e-mail. Pando attaches a key to your mail and uploads your attachment to the Pando server. The recipient clicks on the key and starts downloading the large attachment from the Pando server and, if the upload is not yet completed, also directly from your computer. All this happens in the background and, thanks to P2P technology, relatively fast. If you have the free version of Pando installed, the size limit for a file is 1 Gigabyte. There are pay versions where this limit does not apply. Worth checking out.

The second sharing utility is called Simplify Media. It works in conjunction with iTunes and it lets you share your music with others who have iTunes and Simplify Media installed. In order to share music, you have to invite someone with their user name or be invited. While you can look at the other person’s playlist and play songs, you cannot copy or move their files. If the other person’s file is a rights-managed file, you need to have the appropriate credentials before you can play that file. I think it is a really cool utility for sharing your music with friends over the Internet. (Actually, I use it to share music with my daughter, which I find kind of strange. When I was her age, I wouldn’t have come within miles of my parents’ music – and vice versa.)


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