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From my Bookmarks: More Terminology

Yes, I am still using bookmarks. Over the years, my bookmarking system has grown into a highly functional system of folders and sub-folders. I back up my bookmarks regularly to an area on my hard drive that itself is automatically backed up to the cloud and onto my external hard drive.

In recent months, I have been working on print material and website translations for manufacturers of agricultural machines and their component suppliers. A very helpful resource has been the website of Norddeutsche Treibriemenfabrik, in particular their PDFs under the Produkte/Service header. I found the material under Elevatorgurte, Transportbänder, Transportbandzubehör, and Verschleißschutz very useful.

Many agricultural machines use belts, sometimes a very complex system of different types of belts. In translating collateral for belting manufacturers, it is necessary to understand the workings of and the terminology for the machines in which they will be installed. A good resource for German terminology is the website of Fendt, a German manufacturer of agricultural machines such as tractors, combine harvesters, and balers. On top of the site is a navigation bar that leads to Traktoren, Feldhäcksler, Mähdrescher, and Ballenpresser and from there to the respective brochures. I prefer to rely on the terminology of German companies rather than the translated material of non-German companies – although there is never a guarantee that one is better or more correct than the other.

Changing gears: The German Federal Foreign Office (Auswärtiges Amt) has a terminology portal page. Among many other collections of terminology you can find a Verzeichnis der Staatennamen für den amtlichen Gebrauch, very handy if your project includes pick-lists for countries. Another useful document is the Deutsche Funktionsbezeichnungen in vier Sprachen. If you have to translate Leiter/-in des Referats “Strafrecht, besondere internationale Strafgerichtshöfe,“ for example, you’d find the official translation Head of the Division for Criminal Law, Special International Criminal Tribunals. And since the collection is published by the Foreign Office, there is also an extensive organogram of the Federal Foreign Office in German, English, and French.

Finally, I copied this link for a glossary search page – from a blog post or a Tweet, I do not remember. For the searches, you can pick from a multitude of areas, you can enter keywords, and you can even enter the languages you’re looking for. The search results are links to existing terminology collections with a short explanation of the nature and the languages of the collection. The few searches I did were quite successful. I have to point out, however, that at the moment of writing this, the search form is in a sub-directory called test1, which is not confidence instilling, and the root directory (not the search form) gets blocked by the AV software BitDefender as an infected site. The domain owner is Ondrej Buchel from Bratislava, the site is hosted by Bluehost in Utah. So stay away from the root directory or proceed at your own risk.


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  1. Sigfrido says:

    Very useful links. Thank you.

  2. termcoord says:

    Dear Michael Wahlster,

    Thank you for pointing out your concern with the glossarylinks. Currently we are transfering our content over to a new domain, with the ultimate goal being to transfer everything over under Right now, we’re in the process of moving glossarylinks over to our domain, so you can expect to see an update in name soon.

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