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Hello Goodbye

Lots of changes this November. I said goodbye to two hosting providers and hello to a new, virtual private server set-up.

For years, several of my websites were hosted in a shared-hosting arrangement on the servers of a well-known company in Arizona. But then my business site was infected repeatedly with malware despite all precautions, upgrades, and battening down of hatches. The server, on which I shared space with a huge number of others, started itself to show up on blacklists. I realized that it was time to say goodbye.

Another provider in Utah had hosted this blog. I kept it separate from my other sites out of precaution, and while viruses constantly attacked the sites on the Arizona server, the blog remained clean. But there were different issues: Response time became slower and slower, and the provider had the habit of pushing upgrades to their servers starting around 11 pm Pacific time, which often interfered with the functioning of the blog. It was difficult to work on the site late at night, my preferred time, and the blog was inaccessible to early-morning visitors from Europe. So again, it was time to say goodbye.

Say hello to the new hosting arrangement. I decided to move all sites, including this blog, to a virtual private server, and specifically to a cloud server. There was a learning curve. With a VPS, I am in charge – which also means that all mistakes are mine. The tech support of my new provider has been very patient while I grappled with the directory setups, multiple domains, domain name servers, etc. But I am more or less there, and my business site and this blog are running on a cloud server of A Small Orange (really), a North Carolina outfit that caught my eye some time ago.

This blog is still a bit slow. I tried to optimize the database and to delete leftover files and references to old plug-ins. But it is perhaps the 10-year accumulation of posts that slows down the response. I’ll keep working on it.


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2 Responses to “Hello Goodbye”

  1. EP says:

    That was an interesting article (A Small Orange). Good luck with this hands-on stuff. It’s probably the best way to go in the end but I’m not ready for that step yet.

    • Michael says:

      It was (is) like jumping into the deep end. I was surprised how much we take for granted with shared hosting solutions. But short of renting a separate box, VPS is the best thing out there at the moment. ASO has a definite small-store feel to it, although they are actually not that small. What impressed me most so far has been that tech support doesn’t automatically assume it is my fault when I approach them with an issue.

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