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As Seen On TV

What is the perfect food? Duh, bacon, of course. If you find bread too boring (or unhealthy), and if you would like to serve just the right portion of mac and cheese, bacon to the rescue. I could not believe my eyes the other night when I saw the commercial below. Especially substituting the bun of a hamburger. But I guess my shock from watching the commercial pales by comparison to the shock a human metabolism will feel when dealing with these perfect bacon bowls!


2 Responses to “As Seen On TV”

  1. Nora says:

    Bacon is not so popular here in Germany (we have our own unhealthy food), but the bacon craze overseas always impressed me.

    Do I have to feel bad for craving bacon right now?

    • Michael says:

      No. You should take comfort in the fact that since 90 percent of what we taste is really odor, bacon’s aggressive smell delivers a powerful hit to our sense of how good it will taste. There’s an intimate connection between odor and emotion, and odor and memory. When you pair that with the social atmosphere of weekend breakfast and hunger, bacon is in the perfect position to take advantage of how the brain is wired.

      However, eating bacon the way it is shown in the commercial above would probably spoil it for me.

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