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Carbon Copy, Part 2

Except that this time, it is “tub”. As in bath tub, but also as in ice cream tub.

So what were the German translators in Germany thinking when they read this piece of dialog:

I don’t know. I’ll probably just go to the amusement park, maybe the circus. Fly a kite on the beach, watch the sunset, then I’ll head back to my place to watch any number of Disney princess movies while eating ice cream, straight from the tub!

Ice cream in a bath tub? No, they thought, that’s not possible. Perhaps the ice cream comes out of the faucets? Yes! That must be it.

Keinen Schimmer – wahrscheinlich geh’ ich in den Vergnügungspark oder in den Zirkus, lass am Strand Drachen steigen, seh’ mir den Sonnenuntergang an – dann geh’ ich zurück nach Hause, seh’ mir Disney-Filme mit Prinzessinnen an und stopf’ dabei Eiscreme in mich rein, das aus meinem Wasserhahn fließt.

So, again, plausibility was the least of their concerns. (Not to mention that “Eiscreme” is “die”.)


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