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Make The Upgrade Reminder Go Away

One of the most-read posts in this blog dates back to January of 2009. In it, I described the manipulation of some of the registry values in order to make the Trados concordance window reappear on the screen.

Registry manipulations can go very wrong – but if you’re missing the thrill of fiddling with registry entries (will my computer restart all right?) and you are annoyed by the intrusive reminders and even unwanted downloads of Windows 10 upgrades, here is an ZDNet article on how to make all that go away. It describes, no surprise, how to change some of the registry values to make the magic happen. (Why you would want to sit out the free on-line upgrade to Windows 10 is a different subject for a different time.)

One addition though: To remove the icon from the task bar, you need a key named GWX. The article does not say that you need to create that key if it doesn’t exist – it was missing on my computer. Only then can you create the required DWORD in the newly created key.


2 Responses to “Make The Upgrade Reminder Go Away”

  1. Jill says:

    Caitlin could have used this yesterday. The update started automatically and turned her laptop into a brick this morning. Thanks for sharing this!

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