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Noch einmal davongekommen

This makes TV shows dubbed in German so unbearable. Says the character (figuratively): “I feel like we dodged a bullet.” Says the character in German: “Irgendwie ist es, als wären wir einer Kugel ausgewichen.”

If I flag it, I am certain the German studio will defend it tooth and nail, misdirecting with insinuations that nobody in California knows German well enough. It is exhausting sometimes, especially since we all have the best possible German version as our goal. This is not a zero-sum game.

So let the character say “Ich glaube, wir sind nochmal davongekommen” and make it a better show.



2 Responses to “Noch einmal davongekommen”

  1. EP says:

    I love these literal translations. Herr Schäuble said the other day “the soup is not eaten as hot as it is cooked,” or something along those lines. That was definitely not the yellow from the egg.

    • Michael says:

      In meinen jüngeren Jahren war es das sog. Lübke-Englisch, das alle zum Kringeln fanden. So sollte der ehemalige Bundespräsident gesagt haben (kann allerdings apokryph sein): “Equal goes it loose”. Die damalige Satirezeitschrift “Pardon” veröffentlichte sogar eine LP mit den besten Sprüchen Lübkes.

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