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Give Me A “B”…

Susanne Aldridge III
of the self-titled blog
looking for the
Masked Translator

Blogging finally seems to have arrived in the translator universe. Corinne McKay’s (Thoughts on Translation) session yesterday on blogging was well attended (I am attending the ATA’s annual conference at the moment) and had a lively exchange of questions and answers at the end. During the Welcome Reception on Wednesday, Eve Bodeux interviewed attendees for her next podcast on Speaking of Translation. Yesterday noon there was a “blog lunch” which brought together blogging translators, and last night in the lobby bar, a gaggle of blogger translators could be found speculating on the identity of the Masked Translator who is believed to be attending the conference as well.

Judy Jenner (l) of Translation Times and
Abigail Dahlberg (r) of
Dispatches From an
Environmental Translator’s Desk

There have been translator and translation blogs for a long time. I remember (and miss) some that were around when I started five years ago and that have since disappeared. And there are many more than I have in my blog roll or feed reader. What is different this time at the Orlando conference is that there seems to be, for the first time, a critical mass of blogging translators inside ATA, enough to make it a subject of sessions and to inspire colleagues to go out and read blogs – and perhaps try their own hand in blogging.


6 Responses to “Give Me A “B”…”

  1. I would like to add, that me being “the third” is merely a clerical error of the Michigan Secretary of State. After I got married I had to change my name from Schmidt to Aldridge. Spelling it out to the clerk was difficult (A L R I.. No, ALDRI… oh, A L D R I G) so I asked my husband to hand her his license so she could type it off there. I am sure you can see where this is going, he is “Charles Whittaker Aldridge III” and that is how I became “Susanne Aldridge III”. We didn’t notice her mistake until after we got the actual license. I checked a couple of times and it actually is quite an ordeal to change it so until then, I take the chuckles and I always have a nice story whenever a driver license is needed somewhere. Why am I explaining this? Well, for a woman with a relatively uncommon name like Aldridge to be the third, it would take generations of questionable mating habits – but that is not the case here.
    Michael, it was a real pleasure to meet you at the ATA Conference. Every year I meet people and I have wonderful conversations about everything, and you were this years “discovery”.

  2. Michael says:

    I’m back in SoCal today sorting through the conference. I met a whole new group of people this year and it was great. With our knowledge of social media it doesn’t have to be a whole year before we “get together” again. BTW, if you’d like a URL under your photo, let me know.

  3. Thanks Michael, actually I do. Thanks to your inspiration I set up WordPress on my domain and I am confident I will stick with it. But then, what blogger got started with the goal of deserting the blog after a week, hm?

  4. Thanks, Michael! It was fun to see and chat with you at the conference too, and thanks again for your impromptu presentation on Twitter during my blogging talk. I think that some sort of session on social media/web 2.0 for translators is definitely in order for next year.

  5. Thanks, Michael. It was good to catch up with you again in Orlando and I especially enjoyed the lunch with all of my fellow translation bloggers. See you next year!

  6. Michael says:

    Always good to meet MICATA people, and good luck on your board position. Let me know when you will get out of interaktiv and to whom I should send my Fundstücke.

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