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Foreclose This!

After a week of USA Today in the conference hotel I spent a leisurely morning reading, nay studying, the Los Angeles Times, ads included. On page A15 I found a ⅓-page advertisement by The Foreclosure Coach, telling readers about the great bargains of buying foreclosed homes directly from the bank. Since we are looking for a home, I’m interested in anything real-estate and I read the ad. Knowing a little bit about subprime mortgages and some of the reasons behind the present tsunami of foreclosures, I was glad to see that it is business as usual:

Find Out How You Can Buy Foreclosures Direct From the Bank With No Money Down and No Credit at This FREE Workshop!

So if you sign up for one of their workshops, you will find out how to buy foreclosed property directly from the bank “with No Money Down, No credit, No W2’s, No tax returns, and No qualifying.”

What are we waiting for?


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