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Warm Springs In The Mountains Of Virginia

I have removed the permanent link to the Jefferson Pools in Virginia’s so aptly named Bath County. Bath County in Virginia’s Allegheny Moutains and Greenbrier County across the border in West Virginia are probably some of the most beautiful spots I have ever seen. Years ago we spent a couple of days at the famous Homestead in Hot Springs and found, quite by coincidence, the much less glamorous Jefferson Pools in neighboring Warm Springs.

While living in Japan, regular visits to hot springs, some of them in outside pools, were the highlights of our recreational activities. Our favorite onsen at that time was 玉峰館 (Gyokuhokan) in 峰温泉 (Mine-onsen) on the Izu peninsula. It had a wooden tower behind the building which caught the hot water shooting out of the ground to feed it to the various indoor and outdoor pools.

The springs in Virginia are not nearly as hot as the ones on Izu, but Warm Springs with its Jefferson Pools was the first place for me in the U.S. where I could float in a rock pool in warm, sulfuric water, looking through the open roof at the sky, and totally relax – sans clothing, as it should be done in spring water.

I can highly recommend it.


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