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Investigation (in-“ves-t&-‘gA-sh&n)

I usually give sports of any kind a wide berth, but it was difficult to miss Missouri’s win over Nebraska last Saturday – the first in 25 years. Among the jubilant fans rushing out onto the field after the conclusion of the game was Matthew Scott. Alas, he did not reckon just how pissed off Nebraska Cornhusker Kellen Huston was, and Matthew’s face collided with Kellen’s fist. Pretty straight-forward it seems. Nebraska loses, Matthew Scott is overjoyed, Nebraska placekick holder and cornerback Kellen Huston points at Matthew – and bam! Matthew is in the hospital with a disloacted nose and two black eyes. See for yourself.

Not so for Jack Watring, interim chief of the University Police. MU police are still investigating the incident and have yet to decide whether Scott will be cited for trespassing. According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Watring said the investigation would take about a week, and then the police department’s findings would be passed on to the Columbia city prosecutor’s office.

Investigation? Is watching the KOMU video an investigation? How often can you watch a short video clip in one week? And doesn’t the threat of trespassing charges sound ominous?

Brian J. Noggle, in his weblog, aks the following question: “If the victim decides maybe a one-game suspension and a forced apology is not enough and he wants just recourse through the legal system, you shall punish the victim for bothering you. Does anyone else here suspect that the following tidbit, buried in the bottom of the story, might be germane to Watring’s threat? Scott is not a student at the university, Watring said.


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