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Shirts For Translators

Last week Tuesday, on the evening before the ATA conference started, we all sat at the hotel bar when Robin B. showed up with this hilarious #ATA50 shirt. (Note: This is not an official ATA t-shirt.) Since I took the picture freehand with my Blackberry, it is not entirely focused, but it is still legible. Now that is certainly one way of improving translation quality.

Which reminded me that I had archived a link to ProText: “Gib mir ein T, ein E, ein X, ein T, ein T-Shirt!”

They have some funny, text-related humor on their shirts.

Prices are in Euro, unfortunately, and all of us who earn our money in U.S. dollars know what that means: We cannot afford them and have to wait for a more favorable exchange rate down the line. Or for clients in the Euro zone who pay us in their currency.


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  1. Judy Jenner says:

    Too funny; I missed that evening at the bar. I must ping Robin B. to see where he had his shirt made. I like the others, too, and I do have this handy EU bank account with euros in it!

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