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Jesse Crosson’s Sentence Revisited

On September 17, 2003, I wrote about Judge Peatross’ 32-year sentence for Jesse Crosson. I could not comprehend how 32 years in prison without parole could possibly be the best solution for the 18-year old Jesse and the citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Today, I re-read some background material and my jaw dropped when I found that Jesse Crosson had not really been sentenced to 32 years but to 138 years with 106 years suspended!

This is no joke. Not for Jesse – who will be 50 years old before he is free again – and not for the Virginia taxpayers – who have to foot the bill. In moments like these I often have the feeling that I just caught a glimpse of a parallel universe long since abandoned by anyone with common sense.


3 Responses to “Jesse Crosson’s Sentence Revisited”

  1. J. Landers says:

    I know that this is an ancient blog entry and maybe you won’t see this. But I knew this kid before he went to jail and it was obvious for years that this was where he was going. And these were not the first crimes that he committed by far. He is intelligent, amiable and fundamentally violent. People you care about would not have been safe while he was out on the streets.

  2. L.K.M. says:

    As someone who also knew Jesse before he went to jail, I am offended by your comment. What allows you to judge the trajectory of an individual’s life? I hope you’re enough of a god fearing christian to realize your hypocrisy.

  3. C.D. says:

    jesse’s my cousin, and he is one of the people i love most in this world. he is a wonderful person who got caught up in some bad stuff and did deserve to be punished, but not for 32 years. it’s ridiculous. it makes me hate the united states legal system more than anything else.

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