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Please Note…

…that for the past 18 months I have been using Skype without my computer on a cordless phone, which combines land line and Skype and works directly off my router – a very practical solution; with the exception of retrieving voice mail messages, I make all calls, domestic and international, via Skype.

For those who have me in their Skype contact list, this is clearly indicated. My entry looks something like this (with my name, of course):

Yet more and more, project managers contact me by sending written messages via Skype – which are not delivered to a Skype phone. That is one of the reasons why “Using Skype without my computer” and a blue phone icon are displayed in the contact list behind my name. When I then run Skype on my computer, which I do from time to time for special situations, those undelivered messages come tumbling out, but usually way too late.

So remember: “Skype without computer” means no text messages get through. Would you please use the call feature.


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