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Where On Earth is Nunavut?

Mentioning the dearth of translators in Nunavut on December 18, I was not prepared for just how many people e-mailed and asked where Nunavut was. That the interpreter program at the Arctic College in Iqaluit needed strengthening should have given it away: Nunavut is way north. I found this map on their government website and it gives you a good idea about the location and expanse of Nunavut.

Another interesting fact: Inuktitut, one of the languages spoken in Nunavut, is written in a syllabic alphabet of about 60 characters. The website of the Office of the Language Commissioner of Nunavut has links for downloading Inuktitut syllabic fonts.


2 Responses to “Where On Earth is Nunavut?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I just have to point out a typo in the word “death”- you accidentally typed an r between the a and h.

  2. Michael says:

    1: scarcity that makes dear; specifically: FAMINE
    2: an inadequate supply : LACK [a dearth of evidence]

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