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I am an English-to-German translator, certified by the American Translators Association and working in the areas of electronics, telecommunications, computer software and hardware, as well as corporate communications. My niche specialties are optics and image processing, with video, photography, and printing as related fields. Visit my profile at LinkedIn, or e-mail me using the form below.

In case you are trying to Google me, please note that I am not the attorney Michael Wahlster in the San Diego area! With a relatively rare name even in Germany, what were the odds of ending up in Southern California practically next door to someone with the same name?

My first job was compiling entries in the dictionary department of Collins Publishers in Scotland. From there, it was a relatively small step to translating, not least since it gave me the opportunity to drill down into the many different subjects I was interested in. Once I was able to purchase an IBM Selectric in 1978 for more money than most computers cost today, I thought I had arrived. Little did I know.

In Tokyo during the 80s, I incorporated, hired in-house translators and designers, and branched out into phototypesetting and layout. The ventures were quite successful, but they taught me that what I wanted to do was translate, not run a business. In the early 90s, I sold my interest in the company and concentrated on translation work. I’ve been a full-time freelance translator ever since, working for agencies and direct clients in the US, Germany, the UK, Japan, and Hong Kong.

What I bring to the table is a wealth of experience in my core subjects, solid writing skills in my native language, the humility to stay away from what I don’t know, and the insight of having been “on the other side,” coordinating translation projects for many years. As a balance to my translation work, I offer web development for local clients, and I’ve been writing this blog since 2003 – mainly about translation and translation-related subjects, but not entirely. “All work and no play” – we know only too well what that can lead to.

Thank you for visiting. If you find a post interesting, please leave a comment. You can also subscribe to my RSS feed, and feel free to follow me on Twitter.

NOTE: The Internet is a work in progress. Content is deleted, content is moved to other locations. I cannot maintain all links to reflect always the newest realities in cyberspace. Unfortunately, some of the most interesting links don’t work anymore, and traditional news outlets such as newspapers and television stations have a tendency of removing their content quickly. This constant destruction of on-line content is a reality, as much as I regret it.

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